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Chiller Barrels

The chiller barrel functions are the exact opposite of the condensers function. Instead of using liquid to cool refrigerant, a chiller barrel uses refrigerant to cool a liquid. It is an evaporator. Refrigerant evaporates inside tubes as water flows through a baffled course on the outside of the tubes. We provide UL and ASME -listed 'Near Drop In' OEM replacement barrels, allowing our customers easier installations with minimal re-piping. We carry 5-300 nominal ton units with standard and custom construction units always available.

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Special Microfin Tubes for high transfer capability and more compact chiller sizes. Available as standard in single or dual circuit 5-300 normal tons refrigeration. Working pressure - 225 PSI Tube Side, 150 PSI Shell Side. Removable heads for services.

Insulation, mounting legs and lifting bracket included. Flange connections and heat tape available. Special gasket material to ensure virtually leak free operation. Certified by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. All vessels are designed and manufactured in accordance with Section VII of the ASME Code and are available with U or UM code symbol stamp.