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Carrier 30GX Condenser Coils

The Carrier 30GX series air cooled chiller by Carrier is designed for commercial applications ranging from 80 to 250 tons of capacity. This rugged air cooled chiller has reliably stood the test of time for many of its applications . As these units continue to age the condenser coils begin to deteriorate and become inefficient, especially in southern or coastal applications. When this occurs the condensing temperature can significantly rise. This reduces the ability for the outside ambient air to properly handle the heat rejection that is necessary. This creates a very high head pressure that in almost all cases can lead to premature compressor failure. OEM Carrier 30GX condenser coils from the factory have proven to be extremely expensive in most cases rendering a coil change out as not an option! They have also manufactured the Carrier 30GX condenser coils with a unique tube pattern rarely used for 3/8" copper tubing it is 1" x .75" making it one of the thinnest fin packs you can have for 3/8" tubing. Nationwide Coils is able to manufacture direct replacement Carrrier 30GX condenser coils using heavier gauge .020" copper tube wall thicker than the existing OEM coils. We manufacturer the condenser coils for all sizes 80-250, above is a picture of the existing condenser coils for the Carrier 30GX174, they have since been changed out by Nationwide Coils. This job was located on the west coast of Florida and was coated with Energy Guard USA coating to provide extended life of the condenser coils. Energy Guard USA coating is rated at 10,000 salt spray hours and with proper maintenance can withstand the elements for some time. Condenser coil change outs for these Carrier 30GX series air cooled chillers is an economical and cost effective way to return this great chiller back to optimal performance for many more years. If you have any questions or would like more information on the Carrier 30GX condenser coils or any OEM condenser coils please contact us!