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Trane Commercial OEM Replacement Coils

The history of Trane began in 1885 as a small family plumbing business. By the 1930s they had grown to be a pioneer in climate control, patenting its first air conditioner. In 2008, Trane was acquired by Ingersoll Rand furthering their position as a global HVAC leader.

With more than a century of Trane products, there are units new and old that need replacing. Nationwide Coils has direct replacement coils for every Trane model series, including RTAC, RTAA, CGAM, YCD and YCD. Just contact us with your existing unit or model number.

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Please Note:

Nationwide Coils specializes in commercial and industrial HVAC coils and does not manufacture or distribute coils for residential applications.

Have a Trane unit with all-aluminum microchannel coils?

Upgrade to a copper tube, aluminum fin coil – an efficient, cost-effective way to address the leaking issues that are inherent in OEM MCHX coils.