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Nationwide Coils specializes in commercial and industrial HVAC coils and does not manufacture or distribute coils for residential applications.


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Number of tube rows - 1-12

Number of fins per inch - between 10-20

Fin Height between 5"-120"

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most important pieces of coil info I can provide to get a quick quote?

Finned height and length of coil, FPI, and number of rows. This information will ensure we provide an accurate quote.

In what case would I want to consider going with a thicker copper tube wall on my new replacement coils?

In most cases you want a coil with a thicker copper tube wall to address deficiencies with the OEM coil or just to have a more robust build to combat harsh environmental conditions and operational coil failure. Selecting the correct tube wall thickness for the correlating fluid velocity is critical to ensuring there is no pitting and internal failure of the copper tube wall.

In what cases should I consider adding an anti-corrosive coating to my new indoor coil?

Coating for a coil located in the airstream is most commonly used for applications with high outside air intake or where the coil is exposed to corrosive contaminants.