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Addison Commercial OEM Replacement Coils

Founded in 1949 and acquired by various parent companies over the years, the focus of Addison has always been outdoor air units. Their products have proven to be reliable and efficient for fresh-air applications, especially in the hotter, more humid Southeast.

Addison also promotes the copper tube, aluminum fin condenser coils in their manufacturing process, giving the end user a higher-quality product. Our drawing database for Addison coils is extensive, including model series HCP, PCA, PR, TRS and RCA. Just contact us with your existing unit or model number.

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Please Note:

Nationwide Coils specializes in commercial and industrial HVAC coils and does not manufacture or distribute coils for residential applications.

Have an Addison unit with all-aluminum microchannel coils?

Upgrade to a copper tube, aluminum fin coil – an efficient, cost-effective way to address the leaking issues that are inherent in OEM MCHX coils.