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Carrier 30RB Air Cooled Chiller

The Carrier 30RB air cooled chiller is an all in one package unit for commercial applications. This unit over time has proven to be a excellent product for ease of use as well as efficiency, but the more recent change to MCHX or microchannel condenser coils have presented end users with some issues early on in the units life cycle. Including difficulty of repair and vulnerability to charge especially in high load and environmentally rigorous locations. The good new is there is an alternative to replacing the MCHX coil it can be completed using standard copper tube aluminum fin construction. Nationwide Coils manufactures direct replacement copper tube aluminum fin condenser coils for the Carrier 30RB air cooled chiller. Allowing the customer an option to have more reliable operation and control of your critical air conditioning equipment . We have the 30RB and 30XA coils in stock and ready to ship making emergency jobs that much smoother to complete. Nationwide Coils supply's standard coils and microchannel conversions for all manufactures, check out our OEM Page for a detailed list.