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Dirty Condenser Coils

The condenser coils of commercial air cooled chillers and package units are one of the most critical and expensive components of the machine. This makes maintenance of the condenser coil a high priority, ensuring proper operation of the entire refrigeration system. When the coils become dirty and corroded there are several negative results that can occur within the refrigeration system. The primary purpose of the condenser coil is to allow the gas refrigerant entering the coil to changes states to a liquid prior to leaving. This is done through ambient air passing across the fins and tubes of the coil transferring the heat of the refrigerant to the ambient air. This is done using large fans that pull various CFMs across the coil depending on the system. If you have dirty condenser coils you reduce the amount of air that can flow through the coil greatly reducing the ability to transfer the heat of the hot gas refrigerant. When this is coupled with corrosion it can even further reduce the ability for air to pass through the coil. Corrosion also reduces the copper tubes and aluminum fins ability to transfer heat do to there deterioration. In certain environments including coastal regions it is critical to coat the condenser coils with a protective Coil Coating that can increase the longevity of the coils. Dirty condenser coils will lead to poor performance, high energy consumption and premature failure of related parts. In the picture above you can see the results of dirty condenser coils. There is a sprinkler that runs 24/7 to help cool the hot gas refrigerant going through the coil. Without the help of the sprinkler system the operation of the unit would be even further reduced. Nationwide Coils offers direct replacement condenser coils for all OEMs including the McQuay AGS275 Air Cooled Chiller you see above. above.