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TRANE CGAM series Air-Cooled Chiller

The Trane CGAM series air-cooled chiller ranges from 20-130 tons and designed for commercial/industrial applications. This unit is built and engineered to withstand the most extreme environmental conditions, ranging in operating temperatures from 0-125 degrees Fahrenheit. The Trane CGAM air-cooled chiller condenser coils are a big part of what makes this a more reliable unit then others on the market.

Coil Configurations

Depending on the tonnage of the CGAM unit there are two primary formations that the coils sit in; the W and the V. The W configuration is for the larger units and has 4 condenser coils, while the V formation is featured in lower tonnage units and has 2 coils per unit.

Coil Construction

The condenser coils are constructed of the copper tube and have aluminum fins, which is a huge advantage over many modern air-cooled chillers that utilize micro channel coils. This limits expensive operating cost for premature coil failure in the micro channel coils. These units entered the market around 2011 and, as a result, we have seen an increased need for replacement condenser coils for CGAM series units, especially in coastal regions. Nationwide coils, Inc manufactures direct replacement condensers coils for the Trane CGAM series air-cooled chiller using heavier materials of construction of .020" Copper tube wall and .006" aluminum fins. This will ensure many years of reliable efficient service. As is often seen, units located in coastal areas will see condenser coil desegregation much faster than areas away from the coast or corrosive environments. These applications require coil coating to ensure that the aluminum and copper tubes are not affected by the environment for many years. Energy Guard USA coating with 10K salt spray hours is offered by Nationwide Coils, along with Luvata and Herresite coatings. When the time comes to replace the condenser coils for the Trane CGAM series air-cooled chiller Nationwide coils is a premier source to direct replacement coils built to stand the test of time.