Site Bite: Vertically Mounted Coils with a Horizontal Airflow

Go on site with our own Jack Kessler, as he schools us in a unique coil configuration at a NYC middle school…

Main Image Vertical Mount Hz Airflow

Unique projects call for unique designs. The steam coils in this custom unit at John S. Roberts J.H.S. were vertically mounted with a horizontal airflow. This configuration was required to account for condensate build up.

Once the steam is in liquid form, it needs to exit the coil. If not, the liquid in the tubes will eventually freeze. As we all know, frozen water expands which can cause the coils to rupture.

In replicating this coil, one of the most important factors was to pitch the return header down, so gravity would naturally help drain out the condensate.

The return “condensate” connections are on the bottom. Between the arrows, two coils are housed side by side, pitched downward. You can tell by the way the outside of the unit wraps around the boxed casing.
Top view of the coils, where the supply connections reside.

Full steam pressure would normally be able to push the condensate out of the coil. However, if the system is running on a half load or less than full pressure, it will need the help of the pitched header to drain out the condensate.

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Written by: Jack Kessler
Nationwide Coils Intern